Full-fledged training with a wealth of information

●In a small space on the smartphone
●candle chart
 (1 minute to 4 hour)
●Bollinger band
●EMA (Exponential Moving Average)
●fast stochastic
●Training on your smartphone with the same information as on your home computer
●To prevent cheating, the chart will be adjusted to show plus or minus 100 pips.

For the real forex trade to win

●It is said that 90% of forex users lose, and if forex are a game as it is, most users would lose.
●The purpose of this application is "to find winning patterns by trying again and again in a short period of time, and eventually acquire the skills to keep winning in real forex.
●Therefore, the "stage with one set of 20 trades" is invalidated if it loses, and only those that win are recorded.
●You can try again and again until you find a winning pattern without worrying about losing.

Multifaceted game elements make learning fun.

●The game displays a deviation for each trade, allowing you to see your skill progress with each trade.
●After 20 trades are completed, the "Stage Results" will be displayed. The stage ranking is calculated based on the absolute amount of money and the absolute amount of money/number of attempts required to clear the stage, and is evaluated on a 100-point scale (88 points = the top 12%).
●One cool game ends after 30 stages. You can try again as many times as you want for free.

EMA Exponential Moving Average

Short-term = Pink, Medium-term = Green
Long-term=Blue, Super-long-term=Red
The default values are "Short-term EMA5", "Medium-term EMA8", "Long-term EMA13", and "Very Long-term EMA200", which are often used for scalping, but these values can be changed using the buttons at the bottom of the chart screen.
●Scalping (EMA5,8,13,200)
●Day trading (EMA 10,20,50,200)
●Swing trade (EMA20,50,100,200)"
can be selected.
If the order of the three moving averages is Short-term ➡Medium-term ➡Long-term from the top, the market is in an uptrend.
A downtrend is indicated when the order of the three moving averages is Long-term ➡Medium-term ➡Short-term.
The "ultra-long-term EMA200" can be used to confirm the overall trend and serve as a strong support line.

Bollinger bands

The light gray area is the Bollinger Band, which has three levels: the upper Bollinger Band, the center line, and the lower Bollinger Band.
This is a technical indicator based on the statistic that "the majority of prices fall within this band.

RSI (Relative Strength Index)

The red line at the bottom of the chart. 70% or more is an overbought level, while 30% or less is an oversold level, and is used as a criterion for judging whether to buy or sell.

Fast stochastics

Fast stochastics
・When both green and red are below 20% and green crosses above red from below = buy
・When both green and red are above 80% and green crosses below red from above = sell

Since stochastics is a leading indicator, it is also possible to determine divergence. Divergence is a retrograde phenomenon, meaning that although the market is moving higher, the stochastic is not able to move higher, but rather is tilted downward. The reverse is also true.

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